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Micki Cantrall, Auctioneer


  • Member of NAA
  • Member of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association
  • Graduate of The Western College of Auctioneering June 2016
  • Member of the American Society of Equipment Appraisers
  • American Society of Livestock Appraisers
  • American Society of Equine Appraisers
  • My husband and I grew up in North Eastern Colorado in agricultural families.
  • We own and operate a small ranch and hardware store currently, aside from our auction company.
  • We owned and operated our own irrigated farm and Angus/Angus cross cattle herd. We raised wheat, corn, soybeans, edible beans, hay, alfalfa, millet, and oats.
  • We raised American Quarter Horses having had a good sized broodmare band and five stallions.
  • I trained rope horses, tie down/breakaway horses and team roping horses. I also trained ranch horses.
  • My job in high school was as a groom and exercise rider for a local race horse breeder.
  • I manufacture, repair, and collect custom and antique horse tack. Collecting bits, spurs, saddles, and leather goods.

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